5 x 1000

For you, zero costs—it’s a tax quota which the Italian state gives up–but you will help us to fund the playground for kids at St. Kizito Hospital in Mikumi.

Show and send our CARD to friends or acquaintances who are accountants, business consultants, doctors’ offices, pharmacies, shops, universities: with a simple gesture you will help thousands of families through our projects.

How? It’s very easy:

  1. Fill out the 730 or CUD form or Italian income tax return.
  2. Sign in the box “Support for non-profit organizations of social utility, associations for social advancement …”.
  3. Enter Unity’s tax code: 94194800481.
  4. Even those who do not have to fill out a tax return, or those who have only the CUD form provided by their employer or by the institution paying their pension, may allocate 5 × 1000.

You will contribute effectively to saving human lives.