Completed Projects

2015 St. Kizito Hospital (TZ)


In the maternity and pediatric ward of St.Kizito Hospital in Mikumi, Tanzania, our volunteers collaborated 7 days a week with local doctors, midwives and nurses for a whole year’s project.
More than 4.000 babies a year are born in the hospital and more than 120.000 medical examinations are provided yearly to women and children often presenting critical conditions.
Due to the extreme poverty of the population in the area the majority of the Health services are free of charges.
We have provided medicines and equipment needed around childbirth. The hospital often doesn’t have financial resources to pay healthcare’s workers or to buy medicines.

2013 Ilula’s dispensary (TZ)

The construction of a maternity ward and the dispensary’s reorganization in the old disused Ilula Hospital made it possible to revive an operative health center essential for more than 25.000 people previously having to travel 40 Km to reach the nearest health center.
From 2012 to 2015 thousands of babies were born in a safe place and under the care of doctors provided by the Tanzanian government and our volunteers osteopaths. Today the dispensary is autonomous.
Recently an analysis center and a pregnancy counseling center have been created for preventive medicine, care and the safeguard of pregnant women and infants.
The center is constantly stocked with supplies and equipment to keep it efficient and operative in accordance with the standards established by our organization.

2011 Ilula’s maternity ward (TZ)

Renovated and made functional thanks to the many donations and to the efforts of our volunteers, Ilula’s new maternity ward has a delivery room completely equipped for childbirth, accommodations for the hospital stay, bathrooms and an eco-friendly waste disposal system, water supply and PV system providing ventilation of the rooms and a continuous supply of energy throughout the wing. Two births even before it was completed. Thousands of babies born in safety since then.

2009 Village of Joy (TZ)


Set up of the new center for physiotherapy and osteopathy in the Village of Joy, Ilula, region of Iringa, Tanzania.
Inside the new Ilula Mission, a structure has been created for the purpose of assisting, rehabilitating, and providing osteopathic treatments to all children that were  born disable or became so due to the many malaria epidemics that affect the region every year.
The center receives over 200 guests per day and has the possibility to accommodate mothers and children from villages nearby, thanks to the arranged guest rooms.
From 2009 till 2012 we continuously provided assistance, volunteers and equipment for the project which then passed completely into the hands of Iringa’s diocese.