To improve the quality of life of families who do not have comprehensive access to basic health care.
To innovate and integrate medicines in order to make patients’ life better and free from suffering.

Osteopathic Ethics

We operate under the ethical principles of osteopathy, in particular the obligation to provide care without causing harm to individuals or groups.
We assist all our patients with dignity and respect for their cultural and religious beliefs. In accordance with these principles, Unity is committed to providing high-quality osteopathic care to all patients.


Private donations are the lifeblood of Unity, they account for the totality of the funds collected.
Our financial independence also means that our work cannot be used to promote any political, military or economic aims.


Unity is a secular, independent non-profit association. Its volunteers, of different ages, backgrounds and specializations, offer their participation totally free of charge.
We provide free health care to people who need it. It doesn’t matter where they come from, what religion or political party they belong to. What counts is that they are human beings who are struggling.
Every individual is equal in the face of suffering.


Write to info@unityop.org to receive a copy of our statute.