Terms and conditions

Fees and reimbursement of expenses:
The volunteer osteopaths who participate in the project both in Italy and in Africa are not entitled to reimbursement of expenses of any kind, as Unity is a non-profit organization.
Tutors and project leaders may obtain reimbursement of travel expenses in case they get assigned the responsibility for carrying out a mission in Africa with other volunteer osteopaths.

Per diem and lodging:
During the mission in Africa, Unity pays a daily allowance in local currency to cover basic needs (food and personal hygiene products), including costs for housing, electricity, gas, etc.

The volunteer has insurance coverage for health, life, disability. repatriation, civil liability and loss of luggage.

Unity does not reimburse expenses for vaccinations required for a mission, however many ASLs (local health administrations) do not charge humanitarian workers who can produce a certificate proving they are departing with the association.

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