Robyn Seamer & Manuela da Rin D.O., M.Sc. (Ost.)

JUNE 2018
Robyn Seamer and Manuela from Rin D.O., M.Sc. (Ost.)

Robyn and Manuela have been two teachers of the James Jealous Faculty for many years and are known all over the world for the professionalism and competence with which they teach all levels of biodynamicity in agreement with the J.Jealous faculty.

It is a great honor for Unity Pediatric Osteopathy to host them with the course on “Treatment of the Child” with a Biodynamic view of Osteopathy, a course divided into 3 phases that will take place in June (2017-2018-2019) at the Institute Buddhist Lama Tzong Khapa from Pomaia (LI).

Course reserved for Osteopaths participating in the Unity “Study Group” project.