Dr. Federico Panetti

November 2017
Dr. Federico Panetti
Psychologist specialized in solutions related to the professional field that has been collaborating for over 10 years with companies and schools in the Tuscan and Lazio territory with the common intent of developing in people the soft skills necessary to manage situations that are always different and challenging.
Other than Psycologist is also a teacher of II° level Master, arrenged by University of Florence financed by INAIL regarding a Workpalce’s Security and a Humans Resources Master.
Is signed on the Security Supplier Register; he wrote 2 papers: “Stress: come farselo amico” and “Obiettivi: il metodo per raggiungerli” is member of Working Group of  Tuscany Order of Psycologist to work’s Psycologist.
His meetings have the purpose to improve management of Study group as Team.
  • Team building
  • Team coaching.