Ian Wright Bsc.(Ost.), DPO, MSCC, MOCI

February 2018
Ian Wright Bsc.(Ost.), DPO, MSCC, MOCI

Ian Wright is one of the most experienced pediatric osteopaths in Ireland.
For over 25 years he has been teaching pediatric and cranial osteopathy throughout Europe and was a member of the original academic commission of the OCC (Osteopathic Center for Children) in London.

In 2010 he founded the first school of pediatric osteopathy in Ireland where he currently teaches.

As a guest of Unity Ian presented a new lesson on the 5 senses of the newborn and created practical exercises to refine the perceptive and palpatory skills of the group.
Specifically, the seminar program explored topics such as:

  • Embryology, growth and development of the 5 senses in the newborn.
  • How they develop and how they interact with each other according to the growth of the newborn.
  • Practical palpatory approach to receptor systems and direct manipulation on the newborn with sensory deficit.